Street Children

Outline of ACC21

Asian Community Center 21 (ACC21) is a non-profit and non-partisan Japanese NGO set up in Tokyo by citizens in March 2005. It aims to help empower those people suffering from poverty in the Asian region. To achieve this aim, in collaboration with other Asian NGOs and civil society organizations. ACC21 promotes the following four FLOWs in Asia: FLOWs of (1) capital, (2) people, (3) information and (4) reform of policy and institutions. It also promotes development of human resources engaged in the four FLOWs in order to make them grow and be sustainable.


Living Together, Supporting One Another in a Fair Society


We promote the following four FLOWs in Asia and engaged in human resources development.

FLOW of “Capital”
FLOW of “People”
FLOW of “Information”
FLOW of “Reform” of Policy and Institutions
Human Resources Development