Programs & Projects

1. Channeling Funds to People in Need (Promoting the FLOW of Capital)

  • Asian Community Trust (ACT) (entrusted and independent program)
  • Imai Memorial Charitable Trust for Overseas Cooperation (entrusted program)
  • J. Kawakami Memorial Trust (entrusted program)
  • Programs to support disadvantaged street children (independent project)
    1. Street Youth Empowerment Project
      (Partner organizations: Childhope Philippines Foundation, Inc., Kabuhayan sa Ganap na Kasarinlan Credit & Savings Cooperative and Kasagana-ka Development Center Inc. (tentative))
    2. “Zero Street Children in the Philippines” Campaign
  • Social mainstreaming support for marginalized and economically disadvantaged women (independent project)

2. Building Collaborative Networks among People and Organizations (Promoting the FLOW of People)

  • Promotion of cooperation between Japan and the Philippines
    1) Japan-Philippines NGO Network activities (entrusted project)
    2) Participation in the Japan-Philippines NGO Network cooperation project (independent project)
  • Promotion of local community development in developing countries in coordination with Japanese corporations (Tripartite project with Panasonic and Yayasan Dian Desa)

3. Sharing Knowledge and Information (Promoting the FLOW of Information)

  • Public relations and awareness-raising programs
  • Debriefing sessions on internship programs for Asian students

4. Advocating Reforms of Public Policies and Institutions for a Fair Society (Promoting the FLOW of Reform of Policy and Institutions)

  • Policy Advocacy

5. Human Resources Development to Enhance International Cooperation (Developing People’s Capacity to Promote the Four FLOWs)

  • Building Partnership between Japanese and Korean Youth (Joint project with AsiaCommons)
  • International Cooperation NGO School
  • Asian Social Entrepreneur Training Program (formerly the Asian NGO Leadership Program. Independent project, 2009-2018)

6. Investigative research

  • The Role and Prospects of Fundraising-type Charitable Trusts in International Cooperation: Creating an Infrastructure for International Cooperation in which Everyone Can Participate and Provide Recommendations