Programs & Projects

1. Channeling Funds to People in Need (Promoting the FLOW of Capital)

  • Asian Community Trust (ACT) (entrusted and independent program)
  • Imai Memorial Charitable Trust for Overseas Cooperation (entrusted program)
  • J. Kawakami Memorial Trust (entrusted program)
  • Empowering Street Children in the Philippines (independent program)
    1. Project Bamboo : Street Youth Empowerment Project
      (Joint project with Childhope Philippines Foundation, Inc.)
    2. “Zero Street Children in the Philippines” Campaign
  • Mainstreaming marginalized women (independent project, 2017-2021)

2. Building Collaborative Networks among People and Organizations (Promoting the FLOW of People)

  • Promotion of cooperation between Japan and the Philippines
    1) Japan-Philippines NGO Network activities (entrusted project)
    2) Participation in the Japan-Philippines NGO Network cooperation project (independent project)
  • Community Development ㏌ Collaboration with Japanese Corporations (Tripartite project in Indonesia with Panasonic and Yayasan Dian Desa)

3. Sharing Knowledge and Information (Promoting the FLOW of Knowledge and Information)

  • Public relations and awareness-raising programs
  • Debriefing sessions on internship programs for Asian students

4. Advocating Reforms of Public Policies and Institutions for a Fair Society (Promoting the FLOW of Reform of Policy and Institutions)

  • Policy Advocacy

5. Human Resources Development to Enhance International Cooperation (Developing People’s Capacity to Promote the Four FLOWs)

  • Building Partnership between Korean and Japanese Youths (Joint project with AsiaCommons)
  • Asian Social Entrepreneur Training Program (formerly the Asian NGO Leadership Program. Independent project, 2009-2018)